Do you have lost your Luggage ?

If you lost something in a taxi, you can get contact information with us. Then you can call the driver directly to see if they have your item and arrange to pick it up. You should also fill a form to see if your item was turned in there.

Lessons Learned When I Left My Luggage in a Taxi

  • Pay for your taxi once you have left the vehicle and recuperated your own possessions.
  • Check and twofold check all compartments.
  • Never put assets in the boot/trunk of a vehicle, regardless of how protected or solid the vehicle or nature.
  • Continuously request a receipt from cab drivers – you can’t be sure whether you may need to get in touch with them. I hadn’t requested one (since it was anything but a cost of doing business and it was just a couple of dollars at any rate) yet on the off chance that I had, I would have had the name and enrollment of my driver and could have asked the taxi organization get in touch with him legitimately.
  • Ensure your gadgets are scrambled and secret phrase secured. I was going with my work PC containing secret customer data, however fortunately it was completely encoded and secret phrase secured so none of this data could be gotten to by non-approved people.
  • Keep duplicates of your basic personality records in an encoded secure online archive that you can access from anyplace. Printed copies can without much of a stretch be lost, taken or harmed, however having the option to get to them from anyplace with a web association can spare you a great deal of problem.
  • Have you at any point left baggage in taxi? Provided that this is true, how could you get it back? It would be ideal if you remark underneath!